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Avail Senior Living | Senior woman and her caregiver cooking

Why We’re Thankful

It’s that wonderful time of year when the food is rich and comforting, the fireplace is warm and welcoming — so are the embraces of family and friends. This year, more than ever, we look forward to safely spending time with loved ones, gathering around the table, and expressing our gratitude for good health and

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Avail Senior Living | Senior couple sitting with their boxes after downsizing

10 Tips for Decorating Your Senior Apartment

Downsizing From Your Home Your home is filled with treasured memories. Most likely, it also contains some clutter and items that no longer serve you. Downsizing may seem like a scary thought, but it can actually offer freedom from the burden of maintaining a larger space. Think about what you really need to live comfortably

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Avail Senior Living | Senior and her granddaughter doing a puzzle

Avail Senior Living Provides Resources for Much-Needed Respite Care

Our Community Offers Short-Term Stays and Respite Care in Cleveland, TN Caregivers and seniors can find a helpful alternative in respite services at a senior living community—a great option for a customized solution when you need it. Is respite care the right option for me and my loved one? Respite care is designed to be

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Avail Senior Living | Senior woman and her dog sitting on the couch

Why is Cleveland, TN an excellent place to retire?

In today’s connected world, living in a place where you can be comfortable and enjoy your life after retirement is easier than ever. You can experience true independence while having a community to support you. The growing city of Cleveland, TN can provide what you desire. What makes a city good for retirement? In 1995,

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As my Dad’s needs have continued to grow, so has Avail’s level of care.”

Adult Child of Resident

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