Avail Senior Living Participates in Tennessee Tree Day

Planting Trees to Benefit Our Environment

Are you a senior and into gardening or nature? Avail Senior Living, the newest assisted living and memory care community coming to Cleveland, TN in spring 2021, was thrilled to participate in Tennessee Tree Day on March 20th! Team members gathered to plant trees, both to beautify our community and do our small part in helping build a cleaner world.

We’d like to say a big thank you to the Tennessee Environmental Council, UT Extension Institute of Agriculture, and the Bradley County Master Gardeners, whose help was instrumental in this effort.

Here are a few photos from the event:

Avail Senior Living | Associate planting trees
Kim King, Avail Senior Living Business Office Director
Avail Senior Living | Associates planting trees
Our partners from the Tennessee Environmental Council, UT Extension Institute of Agriculture, Bradley County Master Gardeners, and the TN area Forest Service: Kristy Kessler (far left), Cathi Stroud (2nd from left), Christa Nutt, Cookie Clark, and Kimberly Burch.
Avail Senior Living | Associate planting trees
Carrie Villines, Avail Senior Living Activity Director

As part of this effort going forward, Avail Senior Living is committed to planting 72 trees in the green area surrounding our seven acre community. Each tree will be planted in honor of a resident, and will provide future generations with a gift benefiting our environment for the next 250 years.

Every year in the state, hundreds of native tree species are destroyed due to human development and natural disasters.

“Since 2007, the Tennessee Tree Project has mobilized over 60,000 Tennessee residents in planting 637,100 native trees in Tennessee and beyond,” according to the Tennessee Environmental Council. The council has worked with public and state agencies across Tennessee to distribute and plant trees in all 95 counties, and their goal is to plant and care for one million native trees by 2025.

According to the US Forest Service and other reputable sources, Tennesseans will have planted 750,000 trees by the conclusion of Tree Day 2021!

Here are some benefits of Tennessee Tree Day:

  • An estimated clean air value of $32 billion in air pollution control
  • An estimated 32.5 billion gallons of rainfall intercepted and filtered in the tree canopy and root systems
  • Reduced stormwater runoff and downstream flooding
  • An estimated global warming mitigation of 450,000 tons of sequestered carbon dioxide
  • 3,000 additional acres of tree canopy for increased wildlife and pollinator habitat and forage
Please reach out to us at (423) 505-5998 or contact us online to find out how you can become part of the Avail community and plant your tree!

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